Through an innovative blend of technology, hand craftsmanship, and quality assurance, X-Edge provides the highest quality of value based shears on the market. Working to enrich the lives of the people we touch, inside and outside of our company. X-Edge creates a wide selection of tools, which appeal to the discerning artist, as well as developing students.

Our mission is to create a journey of enriching experiences for our clients and our team. We aim to improve our knowledge, skill set, and professionalism to make a long-term difference in people's lives. We believe in the power of integrity, community, and passion for the beauty industry, and we believe that this collective power has the ability to change the way businesses interact with their clients. We promise to work to raise the collective awareness of our industry through a stylish and processional delivery of honest information that excites hairdressers and creates and emotional connection to X-Edge.